With so many manufacturers using under-performing toolholding and workholding equipment in the workshop, Schunk has now introduced an attractive ‘trade-in’ offer to improve the productivity of the industry.

This limited period offer encompasses both tool and workholding with an offer on all its market leading toolholders and the wide variety of 8 inch lathe chucks.
The value of good toolholding practices cannot be undervalued with surface finishes, tool and spindle life and performance being impacted upon by inferior toolholding products and methods. To improve tool-life and machining performance through high quality toolholding equipment, Schunk is offering a trade-in discount against its market leading toolholders, which will give machine shops the opportunity to try the new Tendo-E Compact. If you call your local Schunk representative, you can trade-in your toolholders and get the benefit of higher machining speeds and feeds through tool holding equipment that delivers concentricity, clamping forces and vibration damping that is the envy of the industry.
Running parallel to the toolholding offer, Schunk is also extending this ‘trade-in’ promotion to its complete range of 8-inch (200mm) lathe chucks. The centrifugal forces achieved during turning operations will exponentially reduce the clamping forces of the chuck as the rotational speed of both chuck and component increase. By using low-quality lathe chucks, this reduction in clamping forces can generate poor surface finishes and precision levels whilst increasing vibration and reducing service life of the machine spindle.

By trading-in and upgrading to a Schunk chuck, such as the renowned ROTA-S Series, you will be buying into performance parameters that will noticeably improve production levels and quality.
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