Launched by Sumitomo Electric Hardmetal is an ISO-based, high rigidity and compact range of cassette-based polygon shank tooling for turning applications, developed to restrict vibration while providing excellent chip control when grooving, parting-off, turning and profiling. Engineered with an interface repeatability within +/- 2 microns for the insert carrying cassette, this enables inserts to be quickly and easily changed outside of the machining zone with highly accurate relocation within the toolholder.

The GND-Series ISO Polygon Cassette Grooving System expands the original Sumitomo GND grooving system launched in 2012 and in 2014  the extended range introduced a polygon monoblock shank toolholder series. This addition accommodated turning, copying and facing applications involving positive and negative inserts.

Maintaining the same ultra-stiff, self-guiding coupling design of the polygon monoblock holder, providing quick and easy setting, the GND-Series ISO cassette grooving system introduces both PSC straight and L-Style holders for external grooving applications.  These cover groove widths from between 2 mm by up to 12 mm deep to 6mm by 18 mm in depth.

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