Represented in the UK and Eire by sole agent, Warwick Machine Tools, ONA, the world’s leading large and customised EDM machine tool manufacturer has launched its new range of ONA QX range of die sink machines. As the principal new product for 2016, these machines increase productivity, surface quality and EDM machining precision to hitherto unseen levels.

Developed and manufactured at ONA’s extensive facilities in Spain, the QX range of machines include a new 100 per cent digital generator that provides great benefits to users of this technology. Especially significant is the increase in productivity in finishing operations where an average 60 per cent improvement is achieved both with copper and graphite electrodes, as well as major improvement in the homogeneity of the roughness on large surfaces. In the mould sector, where the machining of deep and narrow grooves with very difficult cleaning conditions is common, there has been an increase in productivity of up to 50 per cent for this type of work, without any increase in electrode wear.

The increase in productivity of QX machines is linked to a significant reduction in electrode wear, which can last up to five times longer depending on the type of application. This advantage allows significant cost savings and simplifies the performance of many jobs where previously it was necessary to use two electrodes now one is often sufficient.

The new all-digital generator offers unprecedented flexibility to adapt the technology to the special and specific applications of each customer. The generator has been developed with the specific requirements for quality demanded by customers in the aerospace sector, in which advanced materials of exceptional hardness, such as nickel- and titanium-based alloys, are used. An equivalent to a lapped finish, a surface roughness of just 0.08 µm Ra can be achieved by the new generator.

The new family ONA QX die sinking EDM machines was officially launched at the recent BIEMH exhibition, held in Bilbao, Spain durig June 2016.

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