The new BIG KAISER Mega E-Chuck that is now available from Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) is making a major impression in the marketplace since its recent launch. The thick body design, rigidity and precision of this line can deliver performance gains across the board with tool life, precision, surface finishes and productivity improving significantly.
The impressive new collet chuck has been designed for milling, drilling and reaming up to 12mm diameter with astounding levels of concentricity and rigidity. Suitable for clamping tool shanks from 3 to 12mm diameter, the Mega E-Chuck has a shallow collet taper to improve concentricity. The result is 1 micron run-out at the nose and 3 microns at 4XD. This precision is guaranteed as every collet and holder is individually inspected before being released to the market. This uncompromising commitment to precision and quality is matched by the innovative design that ensures the ultimate in rigidity.

The rigidity is assured by the shallow collet taper and a clamping nut with thrust bearings that eliminate distortion during clamping. This nut design generates a much higher gripping force and enhances concentricity. The result for the customer is that long overhang machining is possible with complete process stability, as the deflection of cutting tools whilst end milling is minimal. In the field, one ITC customer has witnessed huge performance improvements when changing from a standard ER collet to the Mega E-Chuck. The customer was previously drilling holes with a runout of 15 microns, which achieved a tool life of 800 holes. With the E-Chuck and a concentricity of 2 microns, the tool life was increased to over 2300 holes. Isn’t it time you took a look at the new BIG KAISER Mega E-Chuck from ITC?

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