Treasury to safeguard EU research funding

The UK’s Business and Energy Minister has said that the government’s commitment to science research ‘remains steadfast’, with the Treasury confirming that funding for approved Horizon 2020 projects will be underwritten.
As a result, British businesses and universities will now have certainty over future funding, even beyond the UK’s departure from the EU. The Horizon 2020 programme has provided funding to a number of innovative British research ideas to help bring them to the market more swiftly, totalling around €2 billion.
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Could a bright future be ahead for UK manufacturing post-Brexit?

Almost 2 months on from the UK’s decision to leave the EU, one of the biggest questions facing the country is whether our industry has the strength to thrive in a post-Brexit economy. How could this opportunity be used to create a more profitable era for manufacturing?
One positive in recent months is that British-made products have seen resurgence in appeal, and with the fall in sterling, companies selling abroad could face a welcome boost. As well as this, the Prime Minister has assured the country of her commitment to manufacturing and industry, with research funding guaranteed and the possibility of securing new investment deals with other countries also.
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3D printing revenue set to double

According to IDC, a global provider of market research, global 3D printing revenue will surge from $15.9bn this year to $35.4bn in 2020.
The growing list of 3D printing capabilities is set to “enable the next wave of customer innovation in discrete manufacturing, product design, and life sciences,” according to Christopher Chute, vice president of customer insights and analysis at IDC. Automotive design is expected to make up the biggest share of revenue, followed by healthcare and professional services.
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