Skar Precision Mouldings has installed two new plastic injection moulding machines, both Romi models. The EN 300 and EN 70 replace older technology and will be used to produce a wide range of components for sectors that include medical, engineering, point of sale and retail.

The company already had seven Romi (formerly Sandretto) plastic injection moulding machines which were taken on second-hand through acquisition of other plastic moulders. This year when it took quotes for new machines it was surprised just how competitively priced the Romi machines were and so it made the decision to buy new.

“Seven of our 40 plus machines are Romi models and we know the machines will do what they say they will do and that they are robust and will work across a wide range of thermoplastic materials. The two new machines replace a 1986 Sandretto and an ageing Arburg and will give us greater control and reduce our energy usage. The capital cost and running costs were very convincing,” says Paul Denny, operations director at the trade plastic injection moulding business in Hadleigh, Suffolk. “We even have remote diagnostics which would allow Romi to dial up via the Internet to intervene if there was an issue. We haven’t needed that to date and don’t expect to need it but it is peace of mind,” he says.