Engis UK, specialist in superabrasive finishing systems, is offering customers the updated Power Pack for the Minimo Power Tooling System.

The Minimo system offers toolmakers, mold and die finishing specialists and component manufacturers the most complete tooling system in the industry, including a range of interchangeable heads and motors designed for a wide range of applications including grinding, deburring and polishing. Furthermore, Minimo tools are ergonomically designed to be comfortable, easy-to-use and produce minimum fatigue.

The updated, high-end power pack incorporates several new functions for maximising the performance of hand-pieces, including the ability to identify the type of hand-piece that is connected, display rotation speed, output rate, and control optimum torque and is also compatible with the earlier hand-pieces which do not have the motor identification chip.
Other features of the power pack include an audible alert function, soft start and rapid brake mechanism, Quadplex safety system, a rotation switch convenient carrying handle and removable power cord.

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