GF Machining Solutions has introduced the new AgieCharmilles AM S 290 Tooling additive manufacturing system, a collaborative project undertaken with EOS, into the market. The machine is based on EOS’ M 290 direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) system and extends the range of opportunities open to mould and die manufacturers.

EOS’ Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology facilitates the optimised positioning and production of conformal cooling channels in moulds and mould inserts. As a consequence heat is more effectively dissipated from both the mould tool and the plastic parts being produced…resulting in significantly reduced cycle times as well as ensuring improved part quality and increased part dimensional accuracies.

Other advantages of fast and effective thermal exchange include the reduction of thermal stress in the mould tool itself – which extends mould tool life and performance.
In injection moulding, the cooling time of a finished product can constitute up to 70 per cent of the total cycle time. Processes and solutions therefore that can reduce cooling times are clearly a ‘good thing.’

In the past, and using conventional mould making techniques, temperature control or cooling channels could only be drilled in straight lines. As a consequence critical hotspots often remained out of the coolant’s reach.

Using Direct Metal Laser Sintering (such as that employed in the AM S 290 machine), it is now possible to integrate optimised, conformal cooling channels into the mould and mould inserts during the production process.

Mould makers can ensure thermal exchange occurs closer to the surface of a mould, improving temperature homogeneity – helping reduce throughput times and increase operational efficiencies.

This new industrial 3D printing machine wraps EOS’ proven DMLS technology into a GF Machining Solutions’ frame creating an integrated bridge between EOS’ 3D printing and GFMS’ machining, automation and software systems.

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