Starrag has expanded its range of five-axis horizontal machining centres targeted at aluminium cutting with a host of developments to satisfy all machining needs in companies of every size. Starrag has announced an uprated 83 kW range, added a 30,000 revs/min model and launched 150 kW spindle variants for larger workpieces.
These developments not only present a range of smaller yet competitively-priced and high-speed (rapid traverse rates of 65 metres/min) five-axis machines to sub-contract machinists, but they also further enhance Starrag’s impressive array of aluminium cutting machines for OEMs and tier one and two suppliers.
Available from Starrag UK, the portfolio now also includes 150 kW variants for the Scharmann Ecospeed and Ecospeed F models (complementing 120 kW units), that are capable of handling components from three to 20 metres long, while the new Starrag STC 800X features a 120 kW spindle and the three-machine Heckert HEC X5 range has been uprated with 83 kW spindles.
Indeed, the new 150 kW spindles have the potential to reduce machining times by a further 15-20 per cent on typical aerospace structural parts.
In all cases, the machines boast metal removal rates that out-perform ‘like-for-like’ competitor models, Starrag UK claims. Indeed, the STC 800X can remove aluminium at the rate of up to 10 litres a minute.
Featuring NC-controlled rotary table, the trio of HEC 500 X5, HEC 630 X5 and HEC 800 X5 five-axis machining centres have X, Y and Z axis travels that extend from 1,000 mm by 800 mm by 1,000 mm to 1,450 mm by 1,100 mm by 1,000 mm and are capable of accommodating loads of 1,200 kgs.
In all cases the 83 kW main spindle motor produces speed ranges up to 15,000 revs/min and torque up to 1,500 Nm, plus rapid traverse rates of 65 metres/min.
This reinforces Starrag’s customer-focused policy of ‘Engineering precisely what you value’ by, for example, reducing production times and unit costs by offering complete machining in a single set-up.
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