ESAB Welding & Cutting GmbH will be in Hall 13, stand E16 at EuroBLECH 2016, which takes place in Hanover, Germany from 25 to 29 October 2016. New welding and cutting equipment and accessories will be on display and there will also be live demonstrations including Rebel, The most incredible go-anywhere, weld-anything machine.  In addition the new MA25 panel with be shown, an intuitive interface for pulsed MIG welding. Visitors will see a demonstration of the new WeldCloud platform for storing, managing and analysing weld process data, and mechanised cutting equipment will be in operation.

Rebel EMP 215ic, is a 120V-230V, CC/CV welding system that offers true multi-process arc performance, location flexibility, lightweight portability and a groundbreaking operator interface. These dual-voltage ‘go anywhere’ machines are highly versatile and ruggedly constructed to face any welding job.   The Rebel’s exclusive sMIG (smart MIG) feature makes the machines exceptional quick and easy to set up, and then sMIG continuously learns and adapts to the user’s welding technique to maintain a stable arc and ensure superior, repeatable welds. This not only reduces training time for new users, but also boosts productivity for experienced operatives. Other innovative features include a new, larger, high-resolution display that provides a better view of the welding parameters and easy access to an electronic version of the user manual and spare parts list – all in multiple languages.

The lightweight and portable ‘five-handle’ construction is extremely tough, with high-reliability components inside, enabling ESAB to provide a three-year warranty with each machine. Typical applications for the Rebel machines range from light fabrication, automotive bodies and HVAC, through to civil construction, agricultural equipment and mechanical contractors. In addition, these machines can be used for training, repair and maintenance.

Another highlight at ESAB’s stand will be the upgraded Aristo Mig 4004i with the enhanced Aristo Feed 3004 wire feeder and new MA25 Pulse Panel. This combination of pulse Mig power source, wire feeder and state-of-the-art control panel offers users the ultimate combination of productivity, efficiency, quality and ease of use. In particular, the intuitive MA25 Pulse Panel simplifies pulsing control by means of icons, pushbuttons and a digital display. It is offered in two versions: an aluminium panel with 30 pre-programmed synergic lines for aluminium wire of diameter 0.9 to 1.6 mm, and a steel/stainless panel with 54 pre-programmed synergic lines for solid and cored wires of diameter 0.8 mm to 1.6 mm.

WeldCloud will feature prominently on ESAB’s stand. This new online database connects multiple welding power supplies to a software platform that manages data and enables analyses to be undertaken so that productivity can be improved. WeldCloud uses 3G, WiFi and Ethernet technologies to collect data from every weld pass performed by connected machines, yet security is assured and the data sits within the company’s IT system in order to avoid difficulties with firewalls. If necessary, however, data can be shared with ESAB for troubleshooting or process optimisation. In addition to these benefits relating to traceability, diagnostics and productivity, data can be transferred from the WeldCloud database to individual welding power sources if, for example, enhanced process parameters need to be rolled out. Production engineers, welding engineers, quality assurance managers and maintenance departments all stand to benefit from the scalable WeldCloud platform. WeldCloud will be demonstrated using ‘live’ welding process data from machines operating at ESAB’s stand.

ESAB will be using EuroBLECH for the European launch of its new Sentinel welding helmet. Sentinel is ESAB’s new top-of-the-range helmet with a number of features aimed at enhancing ergonomics and productivity. ESAB has developed this helmet with input from users who demand comfort, a large viewing area, good automatic darkening performance, a clear grinding mode, durability, low weight and good balance. As well as a revolutionary shell design, the Sentinel helmet benefits from a 100 x 60 mm 1/1/12 – 5-13 ADF colour definition viewing panel, ergonomic head gear – including a patent-pending rear cranial pivot pad – a gold reflective coating on the cover lens, an innovative replaceable concertina neck guard made from soft yet durable silicone elastomer, and a version of the helmet to which a fresh air feed can be connected. In addition, the new design for the cover lens means this part can be replaced in less than 10 seconds.

Other notable features are a head-up display that enables weld data to be displayed on the cover lens for viewing while wearing the helmet and without having to look away from the workpiece, and a digital touchscreen interface on the helmet for selecting pre-programmed settings from the memory and for making adjustments to parameters such as shade, sensitivity and delay.
In terms of mechanised cutting, ESAB will have a live demonstration of the Combirex plasma and oxy-fuel profile cutting machine; this will be iSeries high-precision plasma system for mild steel and non-ferrous materials. The iSeries is characterised by superior cut quality, very fast cutting of stainless steel, and long-life wear parts. When used in combination with the Combirex the iSeries enables parts to be cut such that they can be transferred directly to fabrication, assembly or finishing processes with no secondary operations required.

For visitors interested in smaller plasma cutting machines such as ESAB’s Crossbow, SGX and Phoenix, the company will be displaying its new A-Series intelligent, economical and versatile automated air plasma cutting system. Capable of maintaining a high duty cycle and with a low cost of operation, the A-Series plasma system is likely to prove very popular. Furthermore, the plasma cutter can also be used with handheld torches when necessary, which further extends the system’s versatility.

During EuroBLECH, ESAB will be demonstrating its Columbus offline programming and advanced nesting software. With this powerful productivity tool, users can increase material utilisation and significantly reduce the time required to program the cutting system. When clearance holes are being cut, the Columbus automatically ramps down the voltage after the cutting head has described a 356-degree arc, enabling the hole to be completed to an exceptionally high standard with virtually no witness marks at the start/finish position.

To complement the welding and cutting equipment and accessories mentioned above, ESAB will also be exhibiting filler materials such as its OK series low-hydrogen electrodes for MMA (manual metal arc) welding.

Visit ESAB on Stand E16 at EuroBLECH for more information about the products mentioned above or to discuss specific welding and cutting requirements. Alternatively, contact ESAB by e-mail