With the SCHUNK TENDO Slim 4ax hydraulic expansion toolholder, it is now possible to combine the complete outside geometry of heat shrinking mountings according to DIN 69882-8 with the proven qualities of SCHUNK hydraulic expansion technology. The slim precision mounting makes it ideal for use in series production, particularly in the automotive industry.

It was particularly designed for axial operations, and shows its strength during milling close to interfering contours, countersinking, and reaming in 5-axis centers and the die and mold industry. Test series prove that the mountings with the vibration-damping properties of the hydraulic expansion technology have considerably improved the process during milling operation. The hydraulic expansion toolholder design reduces peak cutting amplitude of the force progression in Y-direction, which results in less deflection of the tool. By reducing the load of the cross cutter and the cutting edge, considerably longer service life can be achieved. Additionally, the user benefits from having exact gauges for holes and maximum precision at the workpiece.

As with every SCHUNK TENDO hydraulic expansion toolholder, the SCHUNK TENDO Slim 4ax also has permanently high run-out accuracies, perfect vibration damping and a fast tool change with a wrench. Even narrow shape and position tolerances can be met precisely, therefore investments in high-priced peripheral devices are not required. Since the precision mounting can replace conventional heat shrinking toolholders by Plug & Work without having to reprogram the machine, the benefits can be tested in a real application. SCHUNK TENDO Slim 4ax can be used without expensive peripheral devices.

The MQL-capable mounting is dirt-resistant and is extremely low-maintenance. In contrast to the heat shrinking toolholders, it has a permanently high run-out accuracy of < 0,003 mm at an unclamped length of 2.5 x D and a balance grade of G 2.5 at 25,000 rpm, the SCHUNK TENDO Slim 4ax seamlessly fits into the proven hydraulic expansion toolholder program from SCHUNK. In the first step, the mountings are available for the interfaces HSK-A63 with ø10mm/L1=120mm, ø 12 mm/L1=90 mm, ø 12 mm/L1=120 mm, ø 14 mm/L1=90 mm, ø 14 mm/L1=120 mm, and ø 20 mm/L1=90 mm. Further variants with ø6mm to 32mm and L1-dimension of 90 mm, 120 mm, and 160 mm are already planned.