As key innovators and the benchmark for the UK aerospace industry, the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) will be hosting an event with experts from HEIDENHAIN, EMUGE FRANKEN, HERMLE and OPEN MIND on hand to answer this question.

The event to be held at the AMRC in Rotherham on the 16th November is your chance to learn how these industry leaders in CAM software, machine tools, cutting tools and CNC control technology deliver cutting-edge solutions to the OEMs.

The event will present the unique interaction of the latest TNC 640 HEIDENHAIN CNC controller with the Hermle C42U-MT machine tool. This will be accompanied by a range of ground-breaking cutting tool concepts such as circle segment end mills from EMUGE FRANKEN and how this works in harmony with the hyperMILL MAXX Machining, the exciting new CAM innovation from OPEN MIND that is bringing seismic changes to the aerospace industry.

There will be a live machining demonstration on a Hermle C42 that will be working in conjunction with the HEIDENHAIN controller at the event in the world class AMRC workshop. The event will be demonstrating how to achieve a 75% reduction in roughing cycle times using Trochoidal machining in 2D, 3D and 5-axis simultaneous machining. Furthermore, visitors will witness 90% savings in finishing through the use of innovative new Conical Barrel cutters supplied by EMUGE FRANKEN, which have been developed in conjunction with OPEN MIND. These groundbreaking tools and associated machining strategies enhance material removal rates in deep pockets using 5-axis helical drilling.

The event will also highlight the data transfer and exchange via direct connection between the HEIDENHAIN TNC 640 and OPEN MIND’s hyperMILL software with machine data collecting and analysis via the impressive HEIDENHAIN StateMonitor system.

The agenda for the event will start with registration from 9am and will include a series of presentations and machining demonstrations as well as an optional tour of the AMRC facility that conducts the groundbreaking R&D work for the next generation of aerospace projects. For further details or to register your interest, please contact OPEN MIND Technologies.