At MACH 2018, Vollmer UK will be giving an exhibition debut to two new machines for the processing of saw blades and cutting tools. The arrival of the Loroch K850-M and the Vgrind 360 on the Vollmer Stand H20-160, will certainly establish the global benchmark brand as an industry leader in the UK.

From the 9th to 13th April at the Birmingham NEC, Vollmer UK will be demonstrating how it has simplified the production of metal-cutting saw blades with the Loroch Evolution K850-M. The Loroch K850-M is convincing with a host of innovative new features that improve automation and operator experience.

The Evolution K850-M is an efficient, powerful and economical machine for grinding metal cutting saw blades in a production environment suitable for the small to medium sized business. Applying proven Loroch methodologies, the Vollmer Group has certainly achieved its goal.

Incorporating a 19inch touch screen CNC control unit, the latest addition to the Loroch family avoids faulty inputs and reduces set-up times. Blades can be programmed in minutes with data inputted directly at the machine via the colour display that is comparable to a Smartphone configuration. Ideal for processing HSS saws, solid carbide saws and friction saw blades, the Loroch Evolution K850-M has a powerful direct-drive grinding wheel configuration that reduces power loss and eliminates undesired vibration that can impact blade quality.

Capable of both manual and automatic processing, customers can load saw blades from 130 to 520mm diameter onto the arbor in random order to suit production demands whilst manual loading will accommodate blades up to 850mm diameter. To achieve this automated concept with differing bore sizes, bore reducing rings can be used to create a common bore size. Manually sorting blades is not necessary, as the K850-M uses its automatic loading function to process the blades without the need for ‘sorting’. With 8 CNC controlled axes, flexibility is second-to-none with just one clamping flange required for blades from 130 to 850mm diameter. Additionally, face and clearance angles can be adjusted quickly and easily using the ingenious control panel.

For manufacturers of carbide drills and milling cutters, Vollmer will be giving a MACH debut to the astounding new Vgrind 360. This colossus of innovation permits the machining of carbide drills and milling cutters with uncompromising quality levels. Excellence is evident in the new Vgrind 360 credit to the two vertically arranged spindles and five perfectly harmonised CNC axes that achieve perfect interpolation with short travel distances for both the linear axes and swivel ranges. Capable of processing cutting tools up to 200mm diameter, the Vgrind 360 has a number of automation options for lights-out production that will be demonstrated at MACH 2018. For further information, please contact Vollmer UK or come along to Stand H20-160 at MACH and meet the team for a demonstration.